Animoji APK MOD Download [Latest Version 2020]

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Are you in searching for an app that helps to create your animoji APK just like the ios users are using in their ios devices? Then you are in the right place, we have an app which is called Animoji APK. We are providing the android users this app which helps them to create an animoji of themselves.

This app will let you guys create your own animoji on your android devices but some people are asking about animoji.


Animoji APK Download Android

You can download this app for your devices and for different apps like you can do Animoji APK download for tik tok. The best thing is you can download it for free.

What is this APK?

Animogi is basically your digital face that you create on your mobile devices.

How does it work?

The app ainomji APK will use your camera and scans your face and creates a sketch of your face shape as an animoji and will let you modify it according to your face.

Features of Animoji MOD APK:

There are plenty of things you can do with your animoji like you can put details on it and make your animoji look like you by putting all the details of your face in detail.

You can do these things to your face:

  • Change your face shape and color
  • Change your hair and its color
  • Modify the size and color of your eyes, mouth, and ears
  • Put facial hairs
  • Modify your body size

Bonus feature:
You can not only create your own self in this but you can also get different animals face-shaped which are so unique and attractive one of them is

Animoji APK Duck

It is a shape that you can put on your face and make videos with it or you can share it on social media and you can also download it by searching it.

Where this APK can be used?

You can use the animoji everywhere, like you are chatting with someone and want to show your expressions like what you feel but not using an ordinary emoji. So you use this animoji because it will give a better explanation of what you feel because it has your face with it.

It can be used everywhere on social media and in your chats in your account pictures and many more, that’s why people are loving it. Animoji APK download for android & animoji apk download ios.




we have provided you the latest version of the Animoji APK app. you can tell us about it in the comment section below, we will be waiting for your precious response. You can also check out our other APK’s from APK swift.

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