Clash of Lights APK Mod 2020 – Download Latest Hack Version Free

Clash of Lights is a well-known private server of the very famous game clash of clans and the one who plays it knows about how much this game is famous and addictive. Clash of lights server is a server that provides the user an unlimited amount of everything, those players who are not interested in wasting too much time on gaining gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

Those players who just want to get to the TH12 in just no time without waiting for so much time. So they are at the very right place. This is so best for such players who want speedy upgrades and many other things in lesser time.

Clash of Lights Apk


Clash of lights private server will overcome all these kinds of issues of these kinds of users. You will get an unlimited amount of all the resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir, and yes an unlimited amount of gems which surely help you to get things in seconds.

You can take your troops, your laboratory products, your buildings, your heroes and your town hall to the maximum level in seconds. No need to wait or stop your game just because of upgrading times, do your work in one single click and you can go on doing things.

Here are the complete details about the app that you need to know:

App NameClash Of Lights APK
VersionClash Of Lights 10
DownloadGoogle Play
Android Version 4.1+
Last updated 1 day ago

There are plenty of private servers available on the web for all type of users i.e.

Clash of lights s1:  For the users having old Android devices.

Clash of lights s2:  For the users having old but not that much old Android devices.

Clash of lights s3:   For the users having the latest Android devices.

Clash of lights s4:   For the users having the latest Android devices with the latest hardware in it.

Clash of lights 10: It’s the very latest and updated version that is ready for all the users and this version is the updated version and the recommended for all the latest devices. So use this updates and latest version son your android devices for free.

Clash of Lights APK Download

You can download all the different versions of the server of it and also the COL apk download 2020 will be available easily for all different type of users. Here is the downloading button listed below click on it to begin the installation process.

Clash of Lights for Android:

There are some easy steps by which Android users will able to play on your Android devices easily.

  • Go to settings and allow the download from unknown resources
  • Open your web browser from your Android device
  • Now search for  Clash of lights APK download 2020 on the search bar of your Android mobile’s browser
  • Go and download the Clash of lights APK for free
  • After the download finishes go on the file explorer on your Android device and click on the downloaded file of Clash of lights  11 download APK and your COL game will begin to install
  • After installation completes enjoy your game.

Clash of Lights for PC:

There are people who love to play the game on the big screen so they don’t like to play any game on mobile because of the small screen and battery issues, so for that kind of user.


There are some easy steps by which the Pc users will able to play this game on your Computers easily.

  • The first step is Open the Blue Stacks on your computer to start the process
  • Open your web browser on Blue Stacks
  • Now search for  Clash of lights APK on the search bar of your browser
  • Now go to the required file and then open it. Then select Clash of lights 12 and install it
  • The installation will be completed on your pc in some time
  • After that enjoy your game
Clash of lights for IOS
  • There are some easy steps by which the IOS users will able to play COL on your IOS devices easily.
  • Firstly you have to download the Cydia Impactor file from the web on your PC.
  • Now you have to attach your iPhone with your PC.
  • After that go and log in to your Apple ID and choose a profile.
  • Now you just have to download this game APK from the internet.
  • Add the profile you chose before in Cydia Impactor.
  • Now you have to choose the same profile from your iPhone.
  • Then the installation will begin to start.
  • After that Enjoy unlimited resources while free of cost.

Features of Clash of Lights

The main and quality features of this awesome game are as follows:

  1.  FREE OF COST:  The game is available for all the users which can be either an Android or IOS or PC for free and it will always be free.
  2.  UNLIMITED ACCESS:  Everyone will get unlimited access to all the resources which can be gold, elixir, dark elixir and for permanent time.
  3.  EASY TO USE:  The game and its user interface are just like the original COC game and it’s really simple and easy to use for every type of user.
  4.  COMPATIBILITY:  The game is compatible with all the latest Android or IOS devices and causes no ambiguity and issues while playing.
  5.  EXTRA FEATURES:  The game came up with some extra features which are just available in this game and those features are very great and unique which makes the game more interesting and fun for the users.
  6.  SECURE: The game is totally secure and it will not harm your devices while playing, so don’t hesitate while downloading it, it’s totally secure and safe.
  7.  UPDATES:  The game will get minor and major updates from time to time so everyone will be updated to everything and gets the latest news in time to time on the news panel of the game.

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COC Lights General FAQs:

There are many frequently asked questions about the COL home, and we are going to answer each of them in our FAQ section.

Is this game is Secure?

Well, millions of users are using it, and there is no such thing came out regarding its safety. To me, it’s entirely safe for use.

Is this game safe to download?

Most people tend to think that weather is it safe or secure to download or play this game on your device? The answer is yes, the game is 100% secured and safe to download or play the game.

The users can also be able to get different updates while playing the game easily and without getting any ambiguity.

Is the game not working correctly?

Some users get No connection error, and it’s pretty common to see, it goes away in a few attempts.

How to delete the CLASH OF LIGHTS game?

Why will even someone think of deleting such a fantastic game? Well, if you want to delete it you can remove it by going to Settings>Apps> game apk > and there tap on remove.

Is this available on the Google Play Store?

No, it’s not available on Google Play Store to download

Is this available on the IOS App store?

No, it’s not available on App Store to download

Is this game direct download Available?

Absolutely YES! It’s the only option to get COL game download. Because it’s available everywhere in any legit place. You can download it from the button below:

How much does this game cost?

It is free for all the users i.e. for Android, IOS, and also for Pc users, so everyone can play the game while paying no money at all and enjoy it for free.


We tried our best to make the game best and tried to make the game smooth and fast and fulfilling the user demands. The game is ready to use and simple to use for any age. So feel free to use and play the game, and we are waiting for your precious response related to the game, so let us know in the comments about the game and your experience while using the game.

 Happy Gaming! 

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