Cooking Fever MOD APK 2020 Free Hack Download [Latest Version]

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People aren’t aware of Cooking fever mod APK and they are always looking for some best kitchen simulation games and they got tired of searching for some best kitchen simulation games then their search ends here, here we are providing you this amazing game.

This amazing game is famous for its best cooking and kitchen simulations and by playing this game you will feel the best gaming experience because cooking fever mod APK 2020 has everything you want from a cooking simulation game.


Cooking Fever MOD APK Download

It’s a game that covers the whole kitchen and cooking experiences. You can do cooking all the kitchen stuff in it. In this game, you have different tasks to cover and you have limited time and some situations on which you have to do the task.

Completions of tasks make you gain XP and with that, you can reach to next levels and modes of the game and buy things and earn more grade to your profile.

Features of cooking fever APK.

There are some quality and amazing fun features in this game, you will be experiencing many things while playing this game and you will surely be having so much fun in this amazing cooking simulation game.

Tasks in cooking fever mod APK:

The tasks could be of any kind, you have to look at the customer’s head, there you will see what the customer’s wants and desires to eat so you have to cook that specified thing precisely and on time.

If you have done your tasks in the time you will get points that rank your grade and you can buy different kitchen items from those points like pans, boxes, pots, etc.

The customer could order anything so you have to make that thing else the customer will not get satisfied and your points could be detected and your rank will decrease and you will not be able to reach to the next level.

So make sure of creating the order perfectly and on time in the game.

Modes or Levels of cooking fever mod APK:

There are three different levels or modes in this game which you achieve in time and experience, but first, you have to start from a fast-food restraint. All the levels are explained below:

  • CITY Mode:
    At the very start, you deal in the city area where you have to deal in different restaurants, serve fast food and fulfill the customers’ requests. There is a total of 10 restaurants in the city area and you have to complete all levels of this area to go to the next level.
    The second level of this game is paradise mode, here you will serve your customers also in different restaurants and there is a total of 9 numbers of restaurants in Paradise Island and you have to complete the tasks to go on the next level.
    This Mode is the third and last mode in this game. In this mode, there are also 9 restaurants in which you have to fulfill the tasks and complete the game.

Cooking fever Download

Cooking fever mod APK IOS:

cooking fever mod APK IOS is not available yet but in the future maybe it will be available for the users.

Cooking fever mod APK  hack download Android:

You can download the game from the link below:


We tried our best to make this game proper and best and gave you the best quality so that you can get the best gaming experience and you can tell us about it in the comment section below, Happy gaming!

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