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Fallout Shelter Mod APK
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Searching out for Fallout Shelter Mod APK? We got you. Smartphones have introduced a new world to gamers. Most of the games that were used to be available on the PC or play stations can now be enjoyed on mobile phones as well. Not only PC and play station games but there are many more games that can be enjoyed at smartphones. The google play store at the android and App store at iPhone has millions of games to choose from but there are few of them that are really engaging. Fallout shelter mod apk 1.13.24 is one of the games that can make any player an addict and those who are already playing the game will agree with this.

Unfortunately, Fallout Shelter Mod APK latest is only available on iPhone and IPads but we are hoping to get fallout shelter apk download for the android play store as well in the near future. Fallout Shelter Mod APK unlimited lunch boxes is basically a science-fiction game in which the earth has been affected badly and this game gives you the opportunity to try your hand at doing better. The mission of the player is to a better life for the citizens of the post-apocalypse.

Fallout Shelter Mod APK

Fallout Shelter Mod APK

This seems to be an interesting game to keep you busy before you return to the wasteland. Fallout Shelter mod ios is a free game to get from the iPhone App store and after installing the game you will be put in charge of running a vault. You will see a community of survivors that is buried under the Earth’s surface to keep them safe from the radiation. It looks very similar to other mobile resource management games but it has been combined with unmistakable fallout feel. Basically it is a game designed for the hardcore gamers and we believe that it has all the features to keep you engaged. You have to balance the amount of food, water, and power and you have to keep people protected from the different dangers and radroaches and raiders.

As mentioned earlier that you will be put in charge of a vault in fallout shelter mod apk obb and you will then control the vault in which you are. There will be some rights of the vault members that you have to protect such as you have to ensure their survival and the productivity of the growing community of the remaining humans. You have to construct facilities during the game and new souls will arrive at your underground doorstep. You can then put these souls to different work in your vault. By working in your vault they will make their own food.

Each and every member of the vault has some kind of special skills such as strength, endurance, agility, intelligence, luck and even charisma. These are the attributes that will help you to determine which member is best for what task. For example, you can put strong members in the power station of the vault where they will generate energy for the vault. Intelligent members can be assigned the tasks to do medical research. Although you can assign any job to any member of the vault and the prolonged labor ca alter special rating but the game will judge the happiness level of the members. It will check whether the members of the vault are happy with the jobs they are doing or not>

As the new souls arrive, your vault community will grow and the demands of the vault will grow as well. You have to keep the production of food, power, and water stable and you have to look for the facilities that are big enough for your vault. The breeding system in fallout shelter mod apk android is the other fun feature of this game. You can create rooms in the game and b putting two to three rooms next to each other you can create a big room. You can put a male and female dweller of the vault in the same room and they will do their part to prolong the species. Although you will need manpower to run your vault you have to keep the available resources in mind. The best part of this feature is that you can even name the babies in the game.

Download Fallout Shelter Mod APK

The game will progress slowly and you have to wait to earn caps in order to pay for the construction. There is no way that you can pay the developers to speed things up. You can correctly match the stats of the citizens to the factories in which they work because they will then generate resources for your vault more rapidly. You can even ear new gears in the game such as weapons and outfits and you can then equip members with the weapons in order to defend the vault from the roaches.

Basically you have to build a perfect vault that has a community living in peacefully. You can customize the members of the vault and can train them to develop special skills. To become more adventurous you can explore the wasteland and can find new armors, weapons and can earn more caps. You also have to protect your vault from the post-nuclear life and from the threats as well.

So, this is all that this game has to offer. Let’s now see the features of this game and in the end, we will provide you with some information about the mods of this game.

Features of Fallout Shelter Mod APK:

  • You can make the best arches in order to keep the citizens of your vault safe.
  • You will be handled with a new vault which will be a community that you have to grow. You can monitor your growing community and can perform the tasks that will push the people of your vault towards happiness.
  • You cannot take your game forward with people of similar skills. To finish your game successfully you will need people that possess different skills.
  • Another eye-catching feature of the game is that you can send the inhabitants of your vault to the dirt ground. In the dirt ground, they can do their search and can find valuable materials for the other members of the vault.
  • As this is a game of our earth that has been suffering various scientific problems you have to keep your people trained in order to fight against the odds. You can strengthen the residents of your vault to fight against the aliens as well.

The latest version of the Fallout Shelter mod apk is 1.13.6 that has some new Christmas offers and multiple game problem fixes. There are two modes available for this game which can help you to progress in the game. You can find more Apk games and apps on our homepage.

Fallout Mega Mod apk:

In this mod, you can get infinite caps. All you have to do is to level up your vault member or dweller and you can then enjoy infinite caps. You can also boost the level up timing in this mod which means that your members will level up rapidly. Further, there are unlimited caps, unlimited power, unlimited food, unlimited water, stim packs, red aways, lunch boxes and inventory space. This is probably the only mod that has a variety of features to offer. So, those gamers who can wait to increase their resources manually can get this mod can enjoy progress in the game.

Mod 2 (fallout shelter mod apk unlimited everything):

In this Fallout Shelter Mod APK mod, you can enjoy unlimited caps, food, energy, and water. Things that you will collect in this mod will only increase instead of decreasing. Which means that you will never run out of the resources. Although this will make the game less interesting it is for those who wanted to enjoy the game with the complete resources.

Final Verdict:

There are very few games available on this niche and those who love sci-fi games should consider playing this game. We recommend gamers to play the game without the mods otherwise they will lose the actual charm of the game. The main concept of the fallout shelter mod apk ios is to collect the resources and to manage them and if you already have the resources that will not decrease then there will be no fun in laying the game. As you can play this game on your smartphone, the fallout can be played anywhere and at any time. This is not a short term game as you have to go a long way in creating a successful community.

According to some of the resources, this is now also available for android users. If this is the case then we are sure that you can easily find Fallout Shelter Mod APK 1.13.25 for your android phone. Download the Fallout Shelter Mod APK 1.13.23 today and start playing the game. Share your experience with us and you can also share the secrets of the games with us. According to us, Fallout shelter is a satisfying game that is addictive at the same time. We will recommend other game developers to take notes from this game. The best part is that you don’t have to pay in order to play this game which means that you can try it without worrying about the invested money.

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