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Looking for Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK 2020? As we all are a huge fan of the Potter movie series and we really enjoy everything about it, because magic is happening all over the world and everybody loves magic, but in real life, we don’t see such stuff happening. So this game called “harry potter wizards unite” will surely be helping you enjoy all those magical stuff happening in harry potter’s world.

Harry Potter wizards unite APK is developed in augmented reality which means it will be using your phone’s camera and creates an artificial word through your camera in your real world. Yes, right this is getting interesting because there aren’t such games except Pokémon go and ingress and these games are really dominating other games so easily because of their unique nature of playing.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK Download

There are really not many Niantic games in the gaming industry but this game Harry potter wizards unite APK is really a Top-notch type as it has so much fun thing to do in it and when the games are designed in AR the fun gets double because they started using the real world and what’s better than that right?



The harry potter wizards unite APK gameplay is so much interesting and fun at the very same time. Talking about the main purpose or main aspect of the game is to interact with reality which is the real world.

When the game starts the player has to create its own desired avatar and select its nature and had to choose several things just like harry does for the very first time in the movies, all the necessary things to be a wizard.

When you start the game use your camera and your location will be provided by a map that is directed to the player’s location and you have to go through the map and collect things and go on random trips and on random locations.

There are many fundable in this Harry potter wizards unite APK mod which can be anything, they can be either potion, any kind of memories or wizards and the list goes on. These fundable has to be returned in the ministry and in return, the wizard will get its reward.

Location and Maps

The locations appear in the Harry Potter wizards unite APK update are static and real-life world locations, the places and locations are collected from the Niantics’s databases directly. These locations can be of different kinds. There are some different types of buildings which have different kinds of nature and will let you do different things as you went inside them, the different kinds of buildings are listed below:
  • Greenhouses:
    In the greenhouses the player gets different kinds of ingredients to create different kinds of potions which help the player while battling with the wizards and creatures in the game, after giving ingredients to the players there is a cool down countdown starts that lasts for 5 minutes and after that time the greenhouse will be able to give another one.
  • Inns:
    This house in the game will help the players to regain health after battling or any damage can be undone here by getting the required energy back, the same thing happens in this house i.e. the cooldown countdown starts after the house give the player their required energy.
  • Fortress:
    The fortress is the place in the game where the players have to battel different creatures and different kinds of wizards. The players fight others to get a reward and getting experience in the game. The player can also play alongside his fellow players to win awards.
    The player should have a Runestone to get access inside the Fortress.


In harry potter wizards unite APK, the player has to do daily tasks in the game to get awarded in the game, there are two different kinds of awards in the game which will get when the player has done the tasks which can be visiting inns or returning fundable or collecting ingredients, it varies on the daily basis. Looking for more cool apk games? Head to our homepage for more stuff!

The game is available for these environments:

  • Download for Android:
    You can download the Harry Potter wizard unite from the play store directly for your Android device.
  • Download for iOS:
    You can download the Harry Potter wizard unite from the App store directly for your iOS device.
  • APK version Download:
    You can get the Harry Potter wizards unite APK  download for android directly from the given link below:

Different Versions

  • harry potter wizards unite apk 2.7.0
  • harry potter wizards unite apk 2.6.0
  • harry potter wizards unite apk 2.8


The harry potter wizards unite APK mirror is really fun and to play, we have collected all the necessary things for you and made this game really fun to play for you. So feel free to play this game and tell us about your experience while playing this game we will be waiting for your really precious response cheers!

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