How to Do Online Earning in Pakistan in 2022 [Easy Methods]

Making money online has also become easier as a result of the internet obsession. Websites, blogs, freelance work, data entry jobs, and other methods can all be used to earn money. Do you, however, know about some of the finest Pakistani applications that pay you to shop, play games, watch videos, and more?

Let’s have a look at what these apps are:


It used to be known as oDesk, but it is now known as Upwork. It’s the most widely used app for folks who desire to work for someone else. With this technology, you may generate money online from the comfort of your own home in a variety of ways. People of various ages and backgrounds, regardless of their age, can find occupations that match their abilities and interests. You can even send the money to your local bank with a single click if you choose. Because it unites employers and freelancers from all around the world on one platform, it’s one of the greatest apps for making money in Pakistan.


It’s an app that allows you to make internet purchases. It features a lot of fantastic discounts and deals. It makes online purchasing cheap and quick for us, from restaurants to clothes and groceries. The more you shop using the app, the more cashback you’ll earn. You can take the money out whenever you want, and it will continue to accumulate. The app is fantastic.


Fiverr, like Upwork, is a freelance job app and one of the fastest-growing websites in Pakistan for making money online. If you’re a student struggling to make ends meet, you may use the platform to create simple gigs and earn money from home. Check to see if your profile and gig are up to par. Then, for the work you want to do, send proposals. The following is how it works: As soon as your gigs begin to pay off, you’ll be on your way to making money.


Zareklamy, an app, may be a way for you to earn money while you’re at home. You can earn money in five different ways. Simple tasks like as viewing videos or engaging on social media, subscribing to YouTube channels, or following accounts on Instagram and TikTok, among other things, can earn you money. Although you won’t be able to access all of the app’s functions, you can still use them to earn money in your spare time. After you achieve your payment barrier, you can obtain your money via bank transfer, PayPal, TransferWise, or Payoneer.

Spin and win free money to make money.

It’s a good software to use if you want to generate money online without spending money in Pakistan. Playing games allowed you to win real money, infinite money, and points. To make money faster, all you have to do is spin the wheel and collect coins. It works like this: the more coins you have, the more money you have. It makes no difference where you are. You can use this app to supplement your income.

Daraz Games

Do you frequently use the Daraz app? There’s something positive to say! If you are a member, you can earn cash points by playing games on the Daraz app. On Daraz, there are 1 Rupee games where you may get 10% cashback and bargains and discounts on a variety of items, such as apparel and shoes. They frequently hold lucky draws in which you might win a substantial discount. You can obtain a discount by playing games.


PomPak isn’t the app for you if you want to learn how to be financially savvy. What it is: It is a video game in which you construct land by making financial decisions in various conditions. The State Bank of Pakistan has launched a scheme to teach individuals how to create and save money. You’ll also receive a certificate from the State Bank of Pakistan once you’ve completed the games on this app. It’s one of the best yet lesser-known apps.

Jeeto Paisa

First and foremost, Jeeto Paisa is Pakistan’s first augmented reality and social messaging app. This is the finest thing to do if you want to generate genuine money online in Pakistan.
Through augmented reality, you can see what your surroundings seem like while you use this programme. After then, you can earn points by exploring the buried treasure. There are games in English, Urdu, and Punjabi that may be played. This programme also allows you to play more fun and engaging games with your friends and family. You can win significant prizes every week if you have a lot of reward points.


Online surveys, such as Google Opinion Rewards, might earn you money, but Triaba can also help you earn money. You must complete surveys rapidly in order to earn money from home while lounging on the couch. It also compensates you for sharing your viewpoint. For each online survey you complete, you can earn between $0.13 and $3.25.


Bykea can be used by bikers to find a ride. You may use the app to receive your licence and bike as a bykea partner. Other applications do not profit from advertisements or surveys, but this one does. It necessitates your presence on the road. People who take more travels every month make more money.

However, you can earn money for more than simply these apps. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube can also be used to earn money. These applications force you to produce a large amount of material on a regular basis in order to promote your services and get them in front of a large audience. The quality of your content and the frequency with which you post can make or break you.

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